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V Part Wig and U part wig are two representatives.These two types of wigs are absolutely beautiful and can help enhance your look regardless of which one you choose. However, which one should be chosen has become a trouble for many people, especially for those who don't know much about these two kinds of wigs. After having a basic understanding of what V Part Curly Wig and U part wigs are, you should have known some commons between them. We will conclude all the commons more specifically in the following for you.

1. Opening at the Top
We have mentioned that there are opening parts at the top of the two wigs. You can leave your own hair for the opening to make your V Part Wig Human Hair more natural. Besides, your natural can also help cover up the traces of the wig, which will make your wig seamless and perfect.

2. Affordable Price
Compared with lace front wigs, V Part Human Hair Wig and U part wigs have lower prices. So you don’t have to spend much on a wig and can get beautiful hairstyles. So if you have a limited budget, the two wigs are good options for you.

3. High Quality
Most of the V part and U part wigs are made of 100% human hair. Therefore, the hair has high quality. And you can restyle it according to your preferences, curling and straightening are allowed. V part and U part human hair wigs will not shed or tangle are soft and bouncy to touch.

4. Easy to Install and Takeoff
There is no lace part in the U part and mslynn V part wig. The whole wig caps are made by machines. Therefore, you don’t need to cut lace and use glue to adhere the lace on your hairline anymore, which is always a troubling process for many beginners. Besides, you can take it off before sleep every night, which means that your natural hair has enough time to breathe. It is also beneficial for your natural hair growth.

Which One Should You Choose
Today we discuss the between V part and U part wigs, you can decide which to choose by yourself. We have two tips for you.

If you have thin hair, a V part wig will be more suitable for you. Because you just leave little or no natural hair with a V part wig.If you think leaving much natural hair to make the wig more natural and want more hair to breathe, a U part wig will be a better choice.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit


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