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Everyone has a dream to have big luxurious car, jeep, van or even a truck that shows the strength and dominance in the society we move in. The gigantic trucks in today’s modern automobile industry plays a vital role in the development of infrastructure, building, extreme civil projects, and many other construction and building work.

The Howo trucks and Howo parts, are the symbol of power, mobility and speed, through which customers in the domain of mining, construction and logistics get the best services in very smooth and professional way.

In this article we would be focusing on the Howo spare parts. Some of them are listed below

Dump Truck:

The dumper truck to load unload any raw material like stones, rocks, sand used in mixing material for construction purpose, charcoal and similar material. These trucks are 371 HP, Cargo capacity of 7300*2300*1700 mm3 or 28.54 CBM. Front Axle can bear 2×9000 Kg weight while Rear Axle can bear 2×16000 Kgs. Please check the howo truck parts include fast transmission assembly catalogue for reference

Tractor Truck:

A tractor truck is the one that pulls a very heavy trailer, with multiples wheels in the tractor. The 18 wheel tractor truck has the 10 wheel tractor and 8 wheel trailer.

Example is the Sinotruk tractor truck with 420 HP, dimension 6985*2550*3800 mm, front axle 1×9000 Kg and rear axle 2×16000 Kg weight capacity.

Cargo Truck:

Transportation of goods and materials, heavy duty truck with 371 HP engine, front and rear axle 2×9000 and 2×16000 Kg respectively.

Cement Mixer Truck:

290 HP, front and rear axle 1×7000 Kg and 1×13000 Kg respectively.


Water Temperature Sensor:

This auto part is used to measure the water temperature of the Sinotruk Howo truck in radiator

WD615 Engine

Howo truck engine has large torque, and reduced fuel consumption by more than 10%. They have broader power range 196-323KW, high reliability up-to 10,000 hrs without major overhauling. The WD615 engine and WD618 engine can be interchanged thus reducing the running cost. Optimized combustions and fuel supply system makes them environmental friendly. The reference can be found in howo electric spare parts catalogue

Wheel HUB:

The Sinotruk assembly known as wheel HUB is used to attach the wheels to the truck and it include the wheel studs.

25 Valve

This auto part is the double H valve. It is gear type and have gear assembly.

Clutch Plate:

This is the transmission system auto part with clutch disk material type steel. Please check the howo engine spare parts catalogue for reference

Planetary Carrier:

This is the auto part gearing used in tractors to give high torque to wheel driving system.


Up-to 600 bar, MEMs based auto part oil pressure sensor, the howo trucks wiring diagram will be useful to check the functionality of this oil pressure sensor

Magnetic Valve:

This is the electromagnetic solenoid valve, power combining mode, semi linkage working state. This auto part is operated with 24V and its electrical connection is shown in howo trucks wiring diagram

 Mileage Sensor:

The mileage sensor is another auto part, is also known as odometer, used to measure the speed of howo truck with transmission parts. Operated on 8-12V, gear box assembly type.

 Air Filter:

The K2841 air filter is important auto part, used in heavy duty excavator, loader, and forklifts. It has excellent performance on moist, hygroscopic or agglomerative dust. It blocks fumed silica, metallic fumes, metallurgical powders etc

Howo Truck Relay:

This is the 24V and 30/20 Ampere, relay, with silver alloy contacts, sealed and dust cover. Commonly used in trucks and other vehicles. Find the howo trucks wiring diagram online to check its coil and contacts connection.

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